Thursday, 28 February 2008

Thank You!

I praise God for this opportunity to serve Him through service to you! It's a priviledge to be not only considered, but also for receive this mandate to serve.

God bless you all who supported me, talked to the people, encouraged me, and prayed with me.

Sasa Tuanze Kazi!

PS: I will keep this blog open for some time to see if it is an effective tool to promote conversation. If you think it is, please click on the vote star to cast your vote of interest in keepin it open, maybe as a wider informal NEGST Student Council Blog for feedback and comments. If you think this is a good idea vote, if not, it will be archived on my other blog.. within the next two weeks.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Hello and welcome to my Social Coordinator Campaign Blog! For those of you who may not know me, I am a 2nd year Biblical Studies student, running for the post of Social Coordinator in the 2008 NEGST student Council Elections. I set this up so that you can learn more about what I hope to do if you vote for me in the upcoming Student council elections. Please feel free to leave your comments by just clicking on the comment box at the end of each article. This is an open forum so you can be as candid as you desire! Hopefully through my one-on-one conversations with you and this forum I can learn more about you and what your needs are as part of the student body, and you can hear some of my ideas on how I can serve you in the capacity of NEGST Student Council - Social Coordinator. Thank you for visiting this site, and if you see anything of interest...PLEASE tell a FRIEND!
Seeking to serve you, for His Glory,

"Now glory be to God! By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope." Ephesians 3:20 NLT

Why vote for Njeri?

So you may be wondering why vote for Njeri? Below are a few reasons why voting for me is a good idea.
I have divided each area which falls within the docket of the Social Coordinator according to the NEGST Student Association Constitution (these are numbered a – g) presenting ideas that address the different areas, which I hope to champion through the year if I come into office.

Safety First!

a) Organize community activities and represent students’ social interests to the Administration. Such interests shall include but not limited to, equipments, sanitation, general health and welfare services.

In the interests of public safety, I will seek to follow up on the provision of fire extinguishers for each block in the four-plex and all main public areas.
Security in the community will continue to be a major concern. I will actively liaise with the community, Student Council and administration to present adequate solutions to current security problems e.g. exploring alternatives to the broken alarm buttons in the four-plex apartments.

The NEGST Community, A Healthy Community

b) Represent the student body in the Clinic/health Committee.
c) Mobilize the student community for general health and sanitation.
d) Liaise with the administration in facilitating community health and sanitation.

By the grace of God, I pledge to mobilize community wide group vaccinations that will prove to be cheaper and more convenient for families and the community as a whole (these will cover both children and adult inoculations). I will also seek to partner actively with the Clinic to facilitate awareness days, for example FREE ‘Breast Health Awareness Clinics’ for the ladies of the community and other similar forums.
Vote for Njeri and join me in mobilizing the NEGST to be a community that knows about health!

Making NEGST Green

By the grace of God, I pledge to seek to mobilize the community to be active stewards of our environment. As you can see from the picture, we currently have a problem with waste management on campus. This is not only an eyesore, but is also dangerous for the children who play nearby (and the animals too) who might swallow some of these plastics accidentally. This can be remedied through green (environmentally sound) solutions such as recycling: By separating our waste we can

MAKE MONEY and Care for our environment! Better management of our waste can enable us to:

  1. Fertilise our gardens

  2. Provide raw materials for crafts for women’s self help groups in the area.

  3. Make fuel for cooking/heating water on a ‘jiko’…charcoal kills trees…we have a lot of paper we can use!

  4. Learn these skills (for free) so that we can pass them on to our communities back home and therefore mobilise our communities to exercise self sustaining green solutions, that care for the environment but also put money in their pockets!

  5. Teach our children to be better stewards of the world that God has given to us.

Vote for Njeri and join me in making NEGST the greenest campus in Nairobi!

NEGST Hospitality

e) Receive and care for official visitors of the Student Association.
Through the ministry of hospitality, I pledge to represent the Student Association with gentleness, dignity and poise in all forums.

A Community That Cares

f) In liaison with administration, shall organize visits and benevolent assistance to the members of the Association.
g) Be responsible for all social welfare services affecting the student body.
By the grace and enablement of God, I will seek to work tirelessly to ensure every community member receives the support they require to meet their needs. This includes liaising with administration and the student council to provide material support, and also mobilising the student council and community to provide support for those in need through prayer and visitation. Many of you may be asking “ But, how can she expect to be there for us, when she doesn’t live on campus?” I have had the privilege of living about 200 meters outside the NEGST gate for almost all of my life. This means that when I first joined the campus, considering the tight competition for housing, I did not see the need to take up a place in campus student housing, which I believed would be better reserved for students coming from distant locations. I pledge to offer myself through the ministry of presence nonetheless, as I am here every week day from 8am to approximately 9pm at night(…and most Saturdays too…though my hours then are a lot more flexible). Also, considering the close proximity of my house to the campus (it is right next to the Karen bible school), I am but 4 minutes away by car, 8 minutes by bike, and a 15 minute walk away…also I am available on both the better option and tuendelee kuongea :).